The Global Infrastructure Hub – Additional tools

Video | July 6, 2018 | 01:52

Mark Mosely: In terms of other products, we have other leading practices initiatives that are underway, we’re quite excited about two that we’re hoping to deliver during 2018, one on contract management of PPP transactions after you’ve reached financial close. I like to think of this as sort of the forgotten child of our industry. A lot of people in the industry focus on getting the deal done, on the procurement phase, on reaching financial close, once they do so they pat themselves on the back, open the champagne and go on to the next deal and they take the 454 page legal contract and all the risk allocations embedded in it and hand it to the poor lady in the Ministry of Transport and tell her ‘here, administer this for the next 20 years’ and all too often that individual has not had a great deal of exposure to the contract formation process, all too often that individual does not have familiarity with PPP transactions generally, she may have simply worked on public works projects in the past and so we’re looking to prepare a tool for those individuals in the line Ministries on how they deal with issues like requests for renegotiation, or resolution of disputes, so on and so forth.

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