Publication | March 2018

Welcome to the March 2018 edition of Legalseas.

Autonomous ships – what needs to be done to make them a reality?

Autonomous shipping has the potential to offer significant benefits to a range of participants in maritime industries. In our lead article, we consider the key issues that will need to be addressed before these benefits can be realised.

Shipbuilding contracts and the threat of war 

The increased risk of war as a result of heightened geopolitical tensions is a factor a number of shipowners are building into their risk assessments when entering into shipbuilding contracts. This article examines the legal remedies available to shipowners awaiting deliveries from shipyards located in close proximity to conflict.

House v Ocean – the complexities of bills of lading

Bills of lading may have been around for centuries but they continue to give rise to disputes when the fundamentals are overlooked. In this article, we look at considerations for freight forwarders issuing house bills alongside ocean bills, the legal implications for parties along the supply chain, and the potential for blockchain to overcome some of the issues with traditional bills of lading.

Subrogation claims: fighting in the middle

The ever increasing volume of goods and commodities traded worldwide has created challenges for insurers when dealing with subrogated claims impacted by more than one legal system. In this article we focus on China and South Africa, nations with a rapidly growing trading relationship and their very different approaches to the law of subrogation.

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