Banking security law in Asia Pacific

Publication | March 2017
Banking security law in Asia Pacific

Taking security across Asia Pacific - are your loans secure?

For international financiers and corporate borrowers, taking or granting security in Asia Pacific requires a specialised and customised approach for each jurisdiction.

Whilst there are many similarities between some jurisdictions, there are surprisingly wide variations within the region. Many countries have reformed or are reforming security legislation in an effort to improve and simplify the process of advancing loans and taking security.

To help our clients structure cross-border financing transactions in Asia Pacific, we have produced an Asia Pacific map - a comparative guide to banking and security laws in 16 jurisdictions within Asia Pacific.

This interactive guide enables you to:

  • Navigate a map of the Asia Pacific region to click on the jurisdiction/s you wish to read about
  • Create and customise your own comparative reports in countries where you conduct your business
  • Opt to receive email alerts when the laws change in the jurisdictions of interest.

For further information about the map of banking and security law in Asia Pacific, or in-depth advice on a particular jurisdiction, please contact us.

To request access to the guide, click on the register button in the right hand column. Registration indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions which include important information about how our new product will be delivered.


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Peter Haslam

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