Blockchain for Supply Chain Finance Masterclass


January 30, 2018

Dr. Christoph Ritzer, a technology partner at our Frankfurt office, will give a lecture on the latest Legal Regulatory developments in the upcoming Blockchain for SCF Masterclass.
The Blockchain for SCF Masterclass is an advanced and comprehensive workshop that will review and assess the latest developments in blockchain technology for supply chain finance.
Held ahead of the Supply Chain Finance Summit in Frankfurt, the Masterclass will provide you with a complete overview of blockchain and equip you with the knowledge to future proof your business.

Presentation details Legal and Regulatory:

While blockchain technology has the potential to make big waves in supply chain finance, current developments and applications are hampered by the lack of a legal framework. This session reviews the current legal and regulatory constraints impacting technology and considers what steps governments and industry can take to overcome these challenges.

  • How can regulators maintain a technology-agnostic approach to the blockchain?
  • Working with governments to promote a standardisation of blockchain to legitimise its use
  • Audit and record keeping: ensuring blockchain records qualify for KYC, AML, proof of sale etc.
  • Defining jurisdiction when transactions run across an international digital network without borders or boundaries
  • Review of recent publications and recommendations from the industry

The Masterclass will be held on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at the Westin Grand Hotel in Frankfurt from
12:30 to 5:00 p.m. and is followed by a cocktail reception.

For registration and a detailed agenda, please go to BCR’s website.


Christoph Ritzer

Christoph Ritzer