IPO Academy 2018


January 16, 2018

Our IPO Academy is a half day event which follows a company through the UK IPO equity process, covering Official List and AIM listings. Through the use of case studies and a workshop format, it aims to bring out a number of current themes and issues in a practical and interactive way including:

  • some of the main issues faced by companies coming to market in the UK and how they and their advisers can prepare to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible;
  • some of the additional complexities that can arise where a “dual track” structure is being used (i.e. where a sale of the business is also being pursued as a potential alternative to an IPO) and how these can be addressed;
  • key aspects of the legal and regulatory framework and their impact on process, structure and timing, including the new rules recently announced by the FCA regarding the sequencing of public documents and use of connected research; and
  • governance in a publicly traded company.

Registration is from 08:00 with the workshop running from 08:30 to 13:00, followed by a networking lunch.

The sessions (which will be interspersed with case studies) will cover the following areas:

Early stage structuring considerations: Including determining the appropriate listing vehicle, identifying the appropriate market for listing and additional considerations where a dual-track process is contemplated.

Getting ready to list: Some of the key steps that companies can take to ensure that they are ready for IPO, including pre-IPO restructuring, effective due diligence and corporate governance considerations.

Marketing and public documentation: An overview of different offering structures, the key aspects of the marketing process (including pilot fishing and pre-marketing) and the main public documents involved in an IPO. We will also cover the new rules recently announced by the FCA in relation to sequencing of public documents and use of connected research. Finally, we will look at some of the key terms of a typical underwriting or placing agreement, including conditions and termination rights and liability caps.

Life as a listed company: Including some of the key ongoing obligations that apply following admission (for example, in relation to significant and related party transactions, ongoing disclosure of information to the market, share dealings and periodic financial reporting) as well as different investor bodies and their recommendations in relation to pre-emption rights, shareholder meetings etc.

Extending the offer into the US: An overview of some of the key issues involved in extending the offering of shares in an IPO into the US, including liability considerations and the impact on the offer process and documentation.

We take pride in all of the training that we provide, and we are delighted that attendees found our previous IPO Academies so useful:

“…an excellent event, certainly the best of any in this vein that I’ve been to”

“…an excellent training session and the handouts are first class…I can easily say that I had not previously attended such a well thought out and concise seminar on IPOs”

“…sincere thanks…for organising such an excellent event”