Innovation and disruption in the era of energy transition


May 11, 2017

Please join us for a seminar on innovation and disruption in the era of energy transition.

During the seminar, various disruptive and innovative developments and pilot projects will be discussed that should provide attendees with an insight of the challenges ahead on the path to a more sustainable energy future. This future will be characterised by decentralisation, electrification, digitalisation, bi-directional communication between supplier and consumers and will see increased cross-sectoral cooperation, for example by involvement of automotive and large industrial companies in the day-to-day operation and management of the energy system.

Speakers and topics include:

Jilles Raadschelders & Martijn Duvoort  - DNV GL | The future of energy in the North Sea

Ronald Bohte & Dirk Jan Middelkoop - Eneco | CrowdNett: The first experiences of a VPP of home batteries in The Netherlands

Arzu Barske - ENGIE Ventures & Integrated Solutions: A view on big data and energy transition

During our seminar diverse questions will be answered like:

  • Are the contours of the future energy landscape already visible? What challenges and opportunities does this bring for traditional energy companies and energy innovators?
  • How can decades of experience help accelerate the shaping of a future energy system? Will this be driven by energy companies only?